We provide the software.

Seamlessly exchanged information, paving the way for material flows. Automatically determined goods movements. And all of the data on your screen in real time. lbase makes this vision a reality. Whether shipping consignments by land, air, rail, or sea: Our comprehensive transport and warehouse management system covers the entire transport chain.


Easy to use.

With lbase, you have all processes and KPIs in one system. A user-friendly interface and illustrative visualizations make the application very simple to use. Modular and scalable, the system can be connected to other data systems. And thanks to regular updates, you always have the most advanced technical solutions at your fingertips.


For every requirement.

The core element of our software – the Logic Interpreter – allows you to adapt processes to your needs. Our web-based system scores with its three-layer architecture. Users can access the system from anywhere using a standard browser. The benefit for you: More efficient processes save you time and money.

lbase TMS

Save time and money on your transports

Your customers demand top service. We have the all-in-one solution for you.

From order entry, dispatch planning, and shipment tracking through to digital invoicing: With our lbase TMS transport management system, you can handle every requirement along the transport chain.

lbase WMS

Smart warehouse management

More than just efficient goods management.
Add-on services help you create added value.

Packaging particular quantities, managing items and prices, and manually scanning goods: Our lbase WMS warehouse management system knows what’s involved for today’s logistics service providers and forwarders.