Project: Semi-automated shipment notifications

For German logistics service provider MÜLLER | DIE LILA LOGISTIK, notifying recipients of white goods – household appliances such as dishwashers and fridges – of deliveries in advance was a laborious process. But an innovative application from lbase is now saving the company time and money when it comes to shipment notifications.

Delivery notifications at a click

Some recipients, such as electrical stores, have only limited storage capacity. This means that delivery schedules have to be agreed in advance. "We used to inform clients manually of each individual shipment. Now they receive information on a pool of shipments at the click of a mouse. This has considerably simplified our processes," explained Frank de Wall, a site manager at MÜLLER | DIE LILA LOGISTIK. Where lots of manual work steps were needed previously, now just a few clicks are all it takes to issue delivery notifications. If the client has specified their preferred dates and times, other automated processes ensure that the shipments arrive in the right place at the right time.

All information in one place

The semi-automated process has significantly reduced the time that MÜLLER | DIE LILA LOGISTIK dispatchers spend on notifications. They can pass all necessary information – including the original delivery notes – at the click of a mouse. Recipients see on their screen any shipments that have not yet been confirmed and can react accordingly. Using the E-PORTAL as a web front end, information can also be accessed and exchanged in real time, even when on the go. lbase has thus laid the foundations for a smart notification process requiring only a few steps.



MÜLLER | DIE LILA LOGISTIK – with mind and heart

MÜLLER | DIE LILA LOGISTIK is a logistics service provider operating successfully in the international arena. The company's 1,500 employees work at more than 20 sites in Germany and Poland. It specializes in holistic logistics solutions, from consulting to implementation. The industries served range from the automotive, pharmaceutical, medical technology, consumer goods and industrial sectors through to the electronics segment.

The color purple, or "lila" in German, symbolizes the interaction of thought and action – or consulting and implementation, in other words. The listed company has received multiple awards for its work. lbase has been supporting MÜLLER | DIE LILA LOGISTIK with tailor-made software solutions since 2006.

The project at a glance

  • Project partner: lbase
  • Project: Shipment notification solution for deliveries of white goods
  • Timeframe: November 2020 to February 2021



"We are very happy with the cooperation with lbase. Now that we have a solution that has been perfectly tailored to our requirements, we spend a lot less time on shipment notifications. This means less effort and fewer unnecessary costs."

Frank de Wall, site manager at MÜLLER | DIE LILA LOGISTIK