lbase SEA


lbase SEA helps you to gain momentum – at every stage of the supply chain.
You can rely on our transport management system for sea transport.

Sea freight shipping is complex: There are often many different segments, making skillful handling a must. You have just the tool you need with lbase SEA. Our flexible complete solution automates your processes and helps you to safely navigate international waters. Its open three-layer architecture means it can be perfectly adapted to your company.
Simplify your processes and get goods more quickly to port.

lbase SEA accelerates your sea transports.
Our transport management system supports you in all areas – including deep sea and inland shipping and rail and container terminals. You can process FCL, LCL, and break bulk shipments. You benefit from optimum integration of internal and external processes – from order entry through to invoicing.

Keep a firm hand on the tiller at all times.
Our innovative software offers interfaces to port telematics, shipowners, and customs authorities. Track & Trace gives you the real-time status of your transports. lbase SEA also helps you to prepare important documents such as sea waybills and bill of lading instructions. Ensuring you make good progress on all seas.

Our system is as flexible as your needs.
The Logic Interpreter allows you to adjust workflows to your requirements. This saves you time and money in your maritime logistics. Our solution is also available via the web: Users can access the system
from anywhere using a standard browser – ensuring they always stay a ship’s length ahead of the competition.


More sea transport.

lbase SEA optimizes your sea freight logistics.

Benefit from lbase SEA:

  • Flexible complete system for all sea transport processes and freight
  • Modern procedures for partial and full automation
  • End-to-end processes, from shipment management through to freight invoicing
  • Time-saving interfaces to port telematics, portals, shipowners, and customs authorities
  • Simple preparation of documents such as bill of lading instructions
  • Intuitive, innovative, and customizable user interfaces
  • Multiple language versions and ongoing enhancements in short cycles
Added value for you.

lbase SEA is an use case of lbase TMS – the transport management system for enterprising logistics service providers.



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