From innovative process analysis through to practical data archival:
Opt for lbase WMS ADVANCED and rev up your warehouse.

Are you looking to elevate your warehouse management to the next level? Then take off with lbase WMS ADVANCED The second license level of our warehouse management system cranks up your processes. Our measurement methods allow you to recognize new opportunities in your warehouse operations. And our practical data archival feature ensures you maintain your system performance.
So that you get
even more out of your processes.

lbase WMS ADVANCED gives your warehouse a thorough checkup. Our innovative measurement methods scrutinize every workflow you choose – from manual scanning through to digital processes. These precise evaluations facilitate accurate analysis and comparison of your process times. This allows you to exploit existing potential and saves you time and money.

Focus on the processes that matter.
Our experts will help you to define meaningful parameters and tailor the system to your requirements. You benefit from made-to-measure graphical representations of your data. Ensuring you have the perfect overview of all relevant processes.

We create more space for top performance.
Our archival feature allows you to clear old data from your system at any time. We decide together which information should be archived. If needed later, it can be retrieved at any time. This keeps your lbase WMS working efficiently and ensures your warehouse remains in the fast lane.

Greater potential.

lbase WMS ADVANCED improves your performance.

Benefit from lbase WMS ADVANCED:

  • Innovative measurement methods for scrutinizing physical workflows and digital processes
  • Identification of new potential through precise analysis and comparisons
  • Professional assistance with defining measurement parameters
  • Even greater transparency in your warehouse thanks to measured process times
  • Maximum system performance through targeted archiving of old data
Added value for you.
Precise analysis for greater efficiency.

lbase WMS ADVANCED is a license extension for lbase WMS BASIC – the warehouse management system for enterprising logistics service providers.



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