lbase WMS SCAN


Real-time information puts you in the fast lane: lbase WMS SCAN boosts your process efficiency and transparency. Take the next step towards the digital age.

Faster, more convenient, and paperless: The future belongs to digital warehouse management. lbase WMS SCAN is a milestone in this journey. Our intuitive app maps all warehouse processes – from storage and order picking through to final checks. Instead of laborious manual documentation, you enjoy the benefits of real-time status checks. Simply via scanner or smartphone.
This speeds up your order processing, saving you valuable time and money.

Maintain an overview at all times.
Are all guidelines being applied during incoming goods inspections? Are products being assigned to suitable storage bins? Is loading going to plan? Get the answers you need at a click with lbase WMS SCAN. The app then takes you through all of the necessary processing steps.

 lbase WMS SCAN is incredibly easy to use.
Our intuitive solution scores with its user-friendly interface. Transparent documentation is ensured through personal user logins for all warehouse staff.

Use our app according to your needs.
Whether operated on a scanner or smartphone, our Android-based app is highly versatile. Perhaps you would be interested in acquiring scanners for your warehouse? As part of the Axians technology company, we would be pleased to help you find the right hardware. Let the future begin!


Greater time savings.

lbase WMS SCAN digitizes your warehouse.

Benefit from lbase WMS SCAN:

  • Digitization of all warehouse operations – such as unloading, storage, pre-picking, order picking, final checks, loading inspections, internal re-storage, inventories, and invoicing
  • Scanner-based inspection and processing of goods in accordance with current standards (SSCC, etc.)
  • Perfect overview of your warehouse with immediate status overviews thanks to real-time data
  • Maximum transparency through precise process documentation and personal user logins
  • Modern, user-oriented, attractively designed interface
  • Flexible Android app for scanners and smartphones
  • Reliable scanning thanks to a dedicated proxy server
Added value for you.
Fast processing and greater transparency.

lbase WMS SCAN is an add-on component for lbase WMS BASIC – the warehouse management system for enterprising logistics service providers.



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