Going, going, gone!

German logistics expert Craiss offers a groundbreaking service for Europe-wide shipping with its Sonderfahrt 4.0 auction portal. Customers benefit from an affordable offering from a pool of 350 verified express companies. The innovative platform has been connecting companies with providers and carriers since early 2017 – ensuring that express shipments reach their destination quickly, securely, and at the best price. Fast and simple handling. Sonderfahrt 4.0 makes annoying paperwork a thing of the past. Once registered as a customer, everything is done automatically. This is made possible by the combination of innovative tools. The tried-and-tested lbase logistics software forms the central hub that controls all processes. And everything can now be handled online – from the order, processing, and shipment tracking through to contract conclusion and invoicing. “Previously, information was shared online and that was all. Contracts were concluded separately. We wanted to develop a tool that could combine automation with service for customers,” explained Diehm.

The best price in 15 minutes

The process is simple. The customer enters and saves his order using the lbase online client. He is then automatically routed to the auction platform. Express companies have 15 to 30 minutes, depending on the transport direction, to offer the best price. A traffic-light system shows them how their bid is doing. Once the auction finishes, the order is assigned to the company offering the best price. The customer is kept informed about the status of his delivery at all times via the AIS telematics app and receives regular updates on the expected time of arrival at the recipient.

Two strong partners

Craiss received the WE DO DIGITAL award from the Association of German Chambers of Commerce and Industry (DIHK) in 2017 for this exemplary digital project. At lbase, we are also proud of this award. After all, our histories have been intertwined since 1999 – Craiss was lbase’s first customer in Germany. Today, the lbase transport management system for road, including the online client, is one of the tools used by this logistics specialist. With Sonderfahrt 4.0, both companies have again proven the success of their cooperation.

Craiss – partner for the logistics generation

Craiss is an internationally successful German logistics company. Founded in 1931 in Mühlacker, Swabia, Craiss now has more than 15 locations in six countries. Besides Germany, the company also maintains logistics centers and subsidiaries in North Macedonia, Poland, Romania, the Czech Republic, and Hungary. Craiss customers range from manufacturers through to online retailers. Its services include transport management and contract logistics. With 800 employees, 500 vehicle units, and 160,000 square meters of storage facilities, Craiss is one of Germany’s leading medium-sized logistics companies.



“With our Sonderfahrt 4.0 service, we can deliver cargo throughout Europe quickly, reliably, and at the best price. lbase forms the core of the system and controls all processes linked to it. This project is an important step in our almost 20-year partnership.”

Matthias Diehm, Kaufmännischer Geschäftsführer, Albert Craiss GmbH & Co. KG